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Hello again,

I’m still getting people following this blog (Couture for Curves), but I’ve moved!  Because I don’t want you missing out, I’m going to go ahead and link you to my latest three posts; I hope you enjoy :)

A Floral Sartorial Medley

Sartorial Medley:  May Flowers

All About Booties

All about Booties

What Does Your Handbag Say About You

What does your handbag say about you?

Come and visit me on the new(ish) blog – my one year mark for the move is coming up at the end of this month :)

Quick Update


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For those still following this blog, I’ve moved, and I’ve recently joined a weekly Wednesday outfit challenge called “Curves Around the World”.

Here’s one of the shots from the latest challenge (click for the full post):

High-Waisted OOTD 03

Hope everyone is well :)

The Latest from Yours Truly

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed a lot of people are still signing up to follow this blog which is very flattering–thank you!–but I’m not posting here anymore.  I’ve moved and I’m going to go ahead and give you a link to my latest outfit post and a ‘lil teaser image for you, too:

Teaser:  latest OOTD post from yours truly

Teaser: latest OOTD post from yours truly

And here are the newer “Sartorial Medley” posts, for anyone that’s been missing them :).  We’ve been having fun with outfit challenges.

I hope you’ll join me over on my new blog at .

Thanks for reading :)

I’ve Moved

Hey folks,

I’ve been getting some mails asking me why I’m not posting anymore; but I am ;) .  I’m still blogging, I’m just blogging at Aislynn’s World now (click the name and it’ll take you there).

On the new page you’ll find the same thing you find here, and more.  Don’t be shy :)


New Name, New Blog

Okay, so I’m not as tech savvy and awesome as I originally anticipated. Okay, the bar was set pretty low to begin with, but that said, I’m still fairly surprised that I’m having as much trouble as I am with the launch of the new blog. That’s right, I’m no longer going to be posting on Couture for Curves. Rest assured, though, that all of my content is going to stay put, and I’m also shelling out the money to keep the domain name, at least for now.

If you’re interested in seeing the train wreck that is slowly coming to life on the new site, just click here.

But why did I change the name?

My blogging journey started with fashion. I wanted to figure out how I fit into the sartorial world—it’s tougher than it sounds, especially for a larger girl—curvy, plus-size, ample, voluptuous, fat, whatever adjective works for you. However, as time passed, I realized that I wanted to talk about more than fashion, and I didn’t feel that the name “Couture for Curves” allowed me to really expand the scope.
And so, after over a year of building up my Google page rank and getting in touch with people on various social media platforms, I decided to take the plunge and change the name of the blog.
You’re thinking, “She’s nuts,” right? Well, maybe I am. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and not one my better half entirely agreed with, but after more than six months of it nagging at me, I felt that I just had to make the change.
Anyway, what are you going to find on the new blog? If you’re one of regular readers, no need to worry: You’ll still get to see my own outfits, clothes that I merely wish were mine, and fashion/beauty product reviews. Additionally, though, I’m going to be expanding into the fields of home improvement and do-it-yourself projects, recipes, random photos of whatever happened to catch my eye, movie and TV show reviews, travelogues, and whatever else might strike my fancy.

I hope you’ll follow me to the new blog, and if you do, please have patience while I get things up and running over there. I know it’s not pretty at the moment, but soon—I hope!—it will be. In the meantime, thanks so much for your patience and your support.

Fashion Roundup: Fun In The Sun


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Picture courtesy of Vintage Danielle

Picture courtesy of Vintage Danielle

The Ultimate Swimwear Guide — Vintage Danielle
Color Party: Perfect Green Items for Summer — My Billie Designs
How to Wear Bold Colors — Couture for Curves
The Chic Way to Wear Overalls — Bargain Bex
Look for Less: Dianna Argon’s Sweet Summer Look — Beauty and the Budget
The Perfect Summer Swimsuit, as seen on Nina Dorbev — ClosetCravings
How to Get a Natural Looking Fake Tan — Lollie Shopping
Giveaway: You’ll Want to Win this Bag!
 — Live Love LA

Fab Friday Find: A “Lovely” Item


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This week’s Friday find isn’t one that’s going to be added, as so many of the others of its ilk, to my “lust list”.  The “why” is simple:  I bought it.

While greedily eyeballing the shiny items in the window of my local Monsoon shop, I spotted this charming “love” bracelet on the wrist of a doll.  I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time—though I didn’t want the word on a chain, which made it more challenging to find—so when this one presented itself in such a tempting manner, I simply had to pop into the shop and have a closer look.

Fab Friday Find (Monsoon Bracelet)

Monsoon Accessories

As it was the last one in stock, I couldn’t afford to wait my customary 24 hours to think about it without the very real possibility of someone else snagging it, so I bought it on the spot.

I’ve got a pair of earrings and a ring that I think it’ll look stunning with, just the right shade of light gold.  Do you like it?

The Runner Up


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I just have to take a moment and do a face-palm.  I wasn’t going to share this publicly, but then I figured, what the heck.  I’ve had issues before with the “future post” feature here on WordPress, not because the feature itself is flawed, but because of human error.  I’ve got about a 50/50 chance of getting it to work, and that’s when I’m not in a sleep-deprived, foggy daze, as I was Tuesday, when I set this post to go live on Wednesday.  Silly me; I just assumed it had worked, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened my blog this morning only to find that my post still hadn’t gone up.  Oh, well.

Progress is being made on a project I’m working on for the blog; hopefully, the changes can go live this coming weekend.  I’m crossing my fingers; I’d really like to get things in motion before the craziness in July sets in—in case I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m doing quite a bit of traveling.  I’m going to be going back to Bangkok on the 4th of July for two weeks, followed by a little time here at home—just over a week, actually—and then it’s onward to the States—specifically, New York City and Vermont.  I’m looking forward to all of it, but it’s going to be a crazy, jet-lag filled month for me.  I’ll be back around the 7th of August.

Anyway, on with the outfit that was supposed to go live on Wednesday.

Blazer:  Zizzi  //  Blouse:  Star  //  Jeans:  Zizzi  //  Flats:  Aldo  //  Shades:  Monsoon

Blazer: Zizzi // Blouse: Star // Jeans: Zizzi // Flats: Aldo // Shades: Monsoon

This was my “runner up” for this month’s Sartorial Medley theme:  Bold Colors.  Like the blouse in the outfit I chose to feature, this one doesn’t get as much exposure as it could because I tend toward neutral colors when I’m putting together outfits.  It’s cute, though, and it’s a nice option for when I’m feeling sassy—and I was when I took these pictures, just in case you couldn’t tell.

Blazer:  Zizzi  //  Blouse:  Star  //  Jeans:  Zizzi  //  Flats:  Aldo  //  Shades:  Monsoon

Unlike the last time I wore the blouse on the blog, I didn’t feel so under-accessorized this time, because I wore a belt with it.  That, combined with my lacy blazer, skinny jeans, and shades, and I felt pretty confident, which is never a bad thing.


I hope everyone’s week is going well, and if not, on the bright side, tomorrow is Friday.

Friend-Makin’ Monday: Summer Fun


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the how it works already. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s questions.  You can do this below in the comments section—for those that don’t blog—or, for fellow bloggers, you can answer the questions on your blog and add your link to the comments section at all the weigh.


Summer Fun

1.  What is your favorite summer fruit?
Watermelon; it’s sweet and refreshing

2.  Do you know how to swim?
Yes, it’s fun with lots of exercise.

3.  Do you prefer sun or snow?
Snow means cold, and while it’s nice from time to time, I think I’d rather have sunshine.

4.  What temperature do you like most inside your home?
20 C right now; we’ve got the windows open for a light breeze.  It’s comfy.

5.  Is it humid where you live?
Not particularly.

6. What is your favorite food to put on the grill?
I like BBQ food: chicken, steaks, burgers, hotdogs, kebabs…if it can be grilled, it should be.

7. Do you prefer to wear a one-piece or two-piece swim suit?
That depends; if it’s just for lounging beside a pool, it wouldn’t matter, but if I’m actually swimming, I’d like a one-piece; that way, I know everything will stay in place.

8.  What is your favorite summer drink?
I like sweetened ice tea.

9.  Do you prefer the pool or the ocean?
Pool for swimming, ocean for diving—I really should learn how to dive at some point.

10.  What are you looking forward to most over the summer?
I’m going to be traveling quite a bit this summer, including a trip to visit family, always something I look forward to.


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